David Handley

Concrete Jungle

Living in a densely-built city, surrounded by man-made structures, is far removed from our original natural rural environment.
Trees are a welcome reminder of nature and a welcome addition to our concrete jungles.
They are comforting and visually stimulating, providing an inspiring array of colours and shapes in their structure. 

In this project I have explored the relationship between buildings and trees, the harmony and patterns created by the two as they co-exist side by side.

Looking aloft there are beautiful displays of imagery created by the symbiosis of the opposing forms, where complex patterns and original artwork are being created.
Trees and buildings live amicably side by side in an environment designed for human needs and they seem to have an affinity for each other.
Proof that trees are not only essential as invaluable resources but also crucial to us emotionally, physiologically and our well being, yet these amazing structures often go passed by without even a glance. 
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